• Trademark: Yazd Polymer
  • Native Trademark: یزد پلیمر
  • Annual Turnover (USD-Million): 10 ~ 50
  • Business Type: Manufacturing / Producer
  • Number of Employees: 51-200 people
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About Yazd Polymer

Yazd Polymer manufacturing company was established in Yazd Province, Iran, in 2003. Initially manufacturing plastic water pipes known as PP-R, this company became one of the major suppliers of water pipelines used in different types of structures. Following success in adopting market development strategies, conducting extensive studies on various areas of such a matter, and gaining a general acceptance by customers, the administration and shareholders of this company decided to expand its manufactured commodity bundle, which now includes different types of polyethylene (PE), pex-al-pex, and uPVC pipes. Utilizing professional and experienced human resources, latest machinery and equipment, and an innovative marketing strategy and sales network, this company is currently capable of meeting the needs of customers at the minimal cost and the shortest possible time. Yazd Polymer Co. wishes to fulfill its shared duty in distributing clean water supplies and preventing the squandering of this divine blessing in an appropriate manner.

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IRAN Plast - exhibition of plastics, rubber, machinery
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Address no550, Zanbaq St, Aqaqia Blvd, Yazd Industrial Town, Yazd
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