Payon INT Hirad Trading Company

شرکت پایون بین الملل هیرا

  • Trademark: Payon Hirad
  • Native Trademark: پایون هیرا
  • Annual Turnover (USD-Million): 2.5 ~ 5
  • Business Type: Trading Company
  • Number of Employees: 5-50 people
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About Payon INT Hirad Trading Company

Payon INT Hirad Trading Company was registered under the title of limited company in the year 2010 in Tehran and on this way placed its expertise and experience of its several years. This company in its of lifetime activity length, has consistently Endeavor that from adopting reputable international representatives compared to present the best products and services appointed aspirations that in this regard kept efforts in the direction of building elevation, the sensations of the directors of the manufacturing and commercial activities in the relevant fields by supplying and distribution raw materials of chocolate ,cake, cookies and pastry industries and at the same time providing the best services as one of the pioneers in this area and kept its epigraph goal working. In the recent years in order of developing the level of policy for offering the products and services ,it has covered new boundaries for offering and products marketing and bye this way has covered the needs, expectations and demands of the customers in the best manner. This group in its future development plans believes that the more expansion of the range of products in the levels at wider geographic boundaries of our dear mother land is its ambition and on this way it has become the best products supplies ( services and products ) in the international and regional level, hence stabilizing its position.

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Payon INT Hirad Trading Company in Iran food & bevtec Tehran

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Iran food & bevtec Tehran
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Address No.1 First Ave, Shangarf Street,Mirdamad Blv. Tehran, Iran
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