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صنایع غذایی گلنوش

  • Trademark: golnoosh
  • Native Trademark: گلنوش
  • Annual Turnover (USD-Million): 5 ~ 10
  • Business Type: Manufacturing / Producer
  • Number of Employees: 5-50 people
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About golnoosh industry.co

golnoosh brand with over forty years of experience, is one of the most experienced companies in food industry in Iran. We produce a wide range of Product basket to meet Iranian family needs, and care about the quality of nutrition and health of all consumers. Golnoosh, Smacking delicious for your table.

golnoosh industry.co in Iran food & bevtec Tehran

Filed of activity
  1. Producer or Service Provider
Hall number
  1. 35
Stand number
  1. 7
  1. Golnoosh Food Industry participated in 23rd International Exhibition of agriculture, food machinery and related industries (Agro food 2016). Golnoosh displayed a full basket of products which was welcomed by many visitors, especially investors from other companies. Investors attended Golnoosh booth and discussed and negotiated with Golnoosh managers to increase trade exchanges in the same field. Moreover, the creative design of the booth according to the brand identity was appreciated by everyone and attracted the attention of many visitors. In order to create effective and memorable communication of Golnoosh brand with consumers, the product sampling offered high quality products to the customers and increased loyalty among them. Golnoosh food industry following the rules and principles of international sampling, creates a long lasting presence in the mind of consumers. Familiarity with products and new achievements of Golnoosh, direct communication with consumers as well as the development of trade in the export sector, were the major achievements of the Agro food exhibition.

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